What is Concrete Sunflower ?

 Concrete Sunflower is a metaphor about me. The term Concrete is based off my hometown NYC aka the Concrete Jungle. The term sunflower refers to a beautiful sunflower that grew from a place where flowers, let alone beautiful ones aren’t supposed to grow.  I chose the sunflower because these flowers stand up with their face to the sun. I believe that this is how all people especially women should be. Bold and daring with their head up high. This boutique started off as a blog that talked about relationships, friendships and trending topics written by me. Then I got the idea to have simple but cute clothing, clothing for women that are often over looked. Most importantly I wanted this boutique to be affordable and trendy. 

When did Concrete Sunflower Start?

 Concrete Sunflower the blog started in March 2017, the collection was launched in July 2017. With much more knowledge and preparation Concrete Sunflower Collection was relaunched April 2019.

How would you describe this collection ?

The clothes in this collection have three and one sentence to describe it. Those three words are: Bold, Simple, Stylish. The slogan for the collection is "Beautiful Things Grow From Everywhere.



For any questions regarding a order email : ConcreteSunflowerCollection@gmail.com