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Live in the Present


Before I start, I must know - what are you thinking about right now? If it was anything besides this article and your surroundings -then this post is exactly for you.

First things first – you know the saying “Nothing lasts forever”, well that is true and something we all seem to forget daily. Nothing last forever so while you have it- cherish it.

This includes your day-to-day experiences.

There is one flaw that all humans have and it surely isn’t a quick fix because we do it and don’t even realize what we are doing. It’s our thoughts, it’s our brains – we think.  Think about the past, think about the future which can cause plenty of emotions, some sad some happy but for the most part they cause us to feel a way in the present moment by something that isn’t even happening. This happens all the time without us even knowing it- allowing the past or the anxiety of the future to disturb the present takes the joy out of life. We must learn how to appreciate the present the current moments we are blessed with and appreciate them because they too will become a memory - once again affecting the present moment when your past comes to mind.

The thought of enjoying the present moment can seem easy but it is not.

Take your time and enjoy the life you are living I have come to learn that living in the moment and not rushing things will make your life easier. Taking things one step at a time can cause you to worry less. As I am always told “time flies to take advantage of the present while you can"

Today try to start living in the moment, no matter how exciting or dull the moment.

Start by saying to yourself, “I am here and this is now”

Courtney TynerComment