Beautiful things grow from everywhere

“You Cannot Possess What You Do Not Pursue”

1.  Think It

When there’s something that matters to you, this “ah-ha” moment comes and you realize that you want to share this something with others. The size of the others may vary, it could be your friends and family, it could be your community, a target community, it can even be the world. This idea is the foundation for everything you do because this is and always be the answer to WHY you are doing what you’re doing. Your initial idea can grow and it can change and that’s okay. It starts with a thought, the courage to act on the thought is what brings it to life.

2.  Plan It

A thought without a plan isn’t worth anything, you should know exactly what it is you are trying to do and HOW you are going to do it. If you want this to be successful you have to learn how to do whatever you are looking for because you want the best for yourself. Plans aren’t always solid and they will change. When you make a plan be sure to keep an open mind because things might not always go as planned.

3.  DO IT

After you have everything all planned, the most important step is to pursue it. Attempt to do everything that you have now planned and have envisioned for yourself. You can prep 24/7 and have the greatest ideas in the world, no one will know unless you take the action steps to do so. Talking about it, and taking action steps are two different things. The future you plan for yourself might scare you or even seem impossible. But remember that everyone started from somewhere, this is something you have in common with the most successful person you can think of A STARTING POINT. Another thing that they did to become who they are/ were was by DOING IT and turning their dreams into reality. You can do the same, put your fears and any opinions that are discouraging to the side. The only thing that’s standing in between you and your dreams is YOU.


As Joel Barker stated “Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Visions with action can change the world.”