Beautiful things grow from everywhere

But First, You Must Believe

In the near future, I plan to post motivational quotes each & every Monday, so I decided before the motivation- truth must come. Before you do anything ,from the smallest task to the most complex, the first step is believing that you can. 

We all have hopes, dreams and aspirations that we’d like to achieve in the future. There’s a vision that you have in your head and somehow someway you must make that vision come true.  Along with this vision you will come across so many motivating and inspiring quotes, Ted Talks and hear plenty of stories BUT before you are motivated or truly inspired you must BELIEVE in yourself. Believe that it will not be easy but you are strong enough to be persistent, through all the rough patches. Believe that it might not go as you planned, but you will be resilient. Believe that no matter what you will achieve your goals and you will make what you have been longing for a reality regardless how big or small the obstacles may be on your way to them. Once you believe that you can achieve whatever it is that you want, and you continue believing along the way you will be in the place you envision for yourself.

This week think about your future and if you happen to have any doubt be sure to remind yourself “I believe in you.”