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New Beginnings: Obstacles that You Will Face & How to Overcome Them

 Photo By: Brandon Matich

Photo By: Brandon Matich

When you hear about someone starting new, you get excited for them and wish them well, but when you are about to start something new it’s not the same feeling. Starting something new brings a bunch of mixed feelings such as excitement, anxiety, fear and hopefulness just to name a few. These feelings are valid because starting something new that you haven’t done before brings those feelings because you don’t know what to expect- you don’t know what’s coming next. New beginnings are chances and when we step out of our comfort zone and explore things that we haven’t before. I say we because I too have experienced all these feelings in every new beginning I’ve encountered so far.

When starting something new, there a couple things that you might encounter in your new beginnings.


1.   Different People, Different Vision

Everyone will not have the same vision as you, we are all different people with different minds. Often in new beginnings you will run into the most frustrating thing, explaining something that only you can see in your head and the person/ people you talk to about it not understanding your vision. They will ask you “are you sure?” “can YOU REALLY do that?” “Why don’t you just play it safe?” Listen up because this is important, just because they don’t see what your visions is, their reaction to your inspirations/ plans will make you think they don’t believe in you or that you’re taking too big of a risk, this can be very discouraging because this doubt is coming from people that you trust and love. The truth is these people do care about you, but they have their own fears that they are throwing on you because they don’t see what you see. Instead of focusing on their doubt you need to understand that what you and only you can see is yours for a reason. Your vision is your gift to give to the world. Don’t let anyone’s disbelief in you make you not to want to pursue your great idea. Never let another person tell you – you can’t. If no one supports you that’s fine, use that as motivation work harder, but do not let their doubt be your distraction. Trust me once you bring the vision to life, they will tell you how they believed in you from the beginning.

2.   Self-Doubt

Sometimes the questions “are you sure?”, “can you really do it?” doesn’t come from others, it comes from self. During the beginning of a journey, you are learning and it can seem over whelming because you aren’t seeing fast progress aka instant gratification. This is normal for all people and it is part of the journey. If you are having a situation where you aren’t seeing a quick turnaround or you aren’t getting the hang of something essential to the success of your project, I have 3 pieces of advice for you.

1 DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED - Believe in yourself, stop all the negative thoughts that you can’t and tell yourself you can.

2 Ask someone for help, people that are in the field that you aspire to be a part of have all started from the beginning and they know exactly how you feel. Don’t stay to yourself and the people around you, broaden your horizons. If you want something you never had, you have to do something that you have never done and that includes talking to new people and asking for help.

3 This might seem like a joke but it’s true and very accurate– YOUTUBE or GOOGLE it, with anything these two websites will become your best friend all throughout your journey.

3.   Starting with Nothing

Sometimes you will have a big project in mind with nothing else all that you have is – just you and that idea. You might feel like that is nothing but honestly, that idea is everything. Think of the idea as the seed, in order for it to grow you must plant it. The blood, sweat and tears that you put in will be the water food and sunlight that your plant requires. The way that you take care of your plant will determine how it will grow, how healthy it will be and how long it will live. But you must start somewhere, even if that’s in the dirt in the dark all by yourself. Similar to that plant, you might not see growth the first day you plant that seed. With consistent work, effort and love you will see your idea go from a vision that only you can see to something to share with the world. Your idea becoming your reality will take a lot of hard work and attention just like taking care of a plant.


No matter how things look in the beginning do not give up on yourself, believe in your vision make yourself and everyone else a believer. Never forget – beautiful things grow from everywhere.


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