Beautiful things grow from everywhere

Why Blogging Is Bigger Than Me

One day  I asked myself "why are all these weird things happening to me?" I know that everything in life happens for a reason but I know for sure I needed to share this with the world.

In my life I have finished traditional things such as school and projects both personal and educational. I have been part of teams and played my part. But there’s  a burst of energy that gets me excited – once the energy dies down, so does my interest. Throughout life I quit things that no longer challenged me and eventually became boring. This project Concrete Sunflower is different because it’s a platform where I choose to talk about the things that me and my friends go through the best way I know how – through writing.

There’s a certain person I want to reach with this blog - I write for that girl that feels like she’s alone, scared, confused  and tired, that boy that thinks that he needs to be "the man" when in reality he's perfect being himself. Also, I want my writing to touch that person that feels like they just aren’t good enough, to let them know you’re worth everything the world has to offer no matter what. In this world we are conditioned to think that we are nothing and we mean nothing -only way a human can be nothing is if they think nothing of themselves. We are all as big as we want to be and I am hopeful that my words will unlock the potential of everyone who is supposed to be “nothing”, in hopes to inspire them to know they can have anything they want. This drive was the reason for me naming my site – Concrete Sunflower. Similar to Tupac’s concrete rose I want people to know what you might not of had all the tools and all the resources but the only thing you need to rely on is the ability to believe in yourself to grow and bloom into the person you are destined to be. Everyone needs to believe in themselves and see the lessons and beauty in everything that life throws at them.   

I want to share my stories along with the lessons I have learned and the wisdom I now have with everyone. Young girls,  older  women will be able to come to this blog and realize that they are not alone. This blog is bigger than me, it is about every person who will come across it.  

Nothing is easy but this blog has taught me that when you love doing something you will never get bored and you will never abandon it. This is an outlet for me to express myself and possibly inspire others.

Stay tuned for the weekly motivational post, inspiration post, life style post and lessons from relationships with friends, family, and romance.

Welcome to the birth of Concrete Sunflower

-Beautiful things grow from everywhere

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